Getting Started

Our engineering team can perform the health-check without remote access. In order for them to complete the report they will need you to perform the following steps.

Please provide the output of the following commands ran as root from ALL cluster nodes:

If your cluster is using Pacemaker:

sudo crm_report --from "$(date -d "30 days ago" +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")" /tmp/crm_report_${HOSTNAME}_$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")

Note: The crm_report utility will generate a tar.bz2 file with all the pertinent configuration files, the current cluster status, as well as logs from a specified time-frame.

If you cannot provide the crm_report, or are only using DRBD, please run the following commands:
cat /proc/drbd > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-drbd-state.txt
drbdadm dump all > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-drbd-configs.txt
cp /var/log/messages /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-messages
rpm -qa > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-rpm.txt
ifconfig > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-ifconfig.txt
dmesg > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-dmesg.txt
sysctl -a > /tmp/healthcheck-$HOSTNAME-sysctl.txt

If you are using DRBD 9.x:
drbdadm status > /tmp/healthcheck-status_drbd_$HOSTNAME.txt

If network bonding is used:
cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0 > /tmp/healthcheck-proc_bonding_bond0_$HOSTNAME.txt

Kernel settings and DRBD kernel module information:
sysctl -a > /tmp/healthcheck-sysctl_$HOSTNAME.txt
cat /proc/drbd > /tmp/healthcheck-proc_drbd_$HOSTNAME.txt

If running a LINBIT SDS Cluster then run the following commands:


llinstor --version >> linstor-output.txt

llinstor node list >> linstor-output.txt

llinstor physical-storage list >> linstor-output.txt

llinstor storage-pool list >> linstor-output.txt

llinstor resource list >> linstor-output.txt

lllinstor volume list >> linstor-output.txt

linstor sos-report create



Tarball the outputs and send us the /tmp/linbit-healthcheck.tar.bz2:
tar cjf /tmp/linbit-healthcheck.tar.bz2 /tmp/healthcheck-*
We will send you the health-check report once it is complete. If you have any questions, please let your account manager know.



Health-Check Request Submission